About Us

Springfield Public Schools introduces




A vocational training program for students with disabilities.

 Ink 186 was started in October of 2013 as a state-of-the- art collaboration between Springfield Public Schools and SPARC.  This unique partnership allows students to connect with an adult agency prior to graduation to allow for a seamless transition from high school.

Ink 186 provides successful linkages to post-school placement and meaningful job experience in a community setting. Students enrolled in Ink 186 are generally in their last few years of school and are diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The primary mission is to maximize student independence through community involvement, skills training, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. 

The goal for every student is to obtain paid community employment.  Ink 186 functions as a resource to assess and collect data on student abilities prior to placement in competitive employment settings.  Finding a job in which a student can have sustained success is a core component of the program.  Job development and job coaching services are provided to eligible students.